A Storm Brews…

Sun rays shine through my window and land on the floor.
They paint different pictures with each movement of the wind.

The room fills with light – then dims
The flood comes once more;
Then quickly retreats again.

A storm brews
Clouds roll in,
The once blue sky turns gray.

A world is rocked
A life shaken and changed

But then,
As quickly as it came…
It is gone once more.

Sun rays are back…
moving, dancing and creating

How true this is for our lives…

When God shines through us;
It allows us to cast our shadow.
Painting pictures of who he has made us to be as we go.

Then storms come…
They rock our world
Shake us to the core
and sometimes the light can’t be seen.

Eventually it moves,
The clouds break up…
The storm passes…

We think the sun stopped shining…
That the sun left us out in the rain.
That we were alone to fight our own battles.

But there’s something that we forget…
The storms in our lives don’t diminish the power of the sun.
The storm simply hinders our view.

We allow the storm to become our focus.
We look around and all we see are the clouds…

But, the sun is the constant
The sun is always at work;
Even when it can’t be seen.

And as the sun works and fights on our behalf,
it moves the clouds and creates clear skies.

Maybe the storm changed us a little…
Maybe our shadows look a little different now…
But, God is still shining…
Still moving, dancing and creating
and using us to do it.





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