What Do You Want to Do?

Growing up people always ask you, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

There comes a time where eventually people stop asking…
They think that once you reach a certain age there’s no changing where you are…

That one day, along your bumpy road, you magically arrived at the ethereal place of “doing“…

But, what if it isn’t that easy…
What if, there’s more than one thing for me to do?
What if in the midst of my helping, reaching and teaching other desires creep in as well?

So, I ask myself…
“What do I want to do”…?

I want to be a wife and a mother.
I want to be a great pianist and an excellent cook.
I want to sing songs that haven’t been written yet and sing them at the top of my lungs.

I want to own a ranch, live in a small town and ride horses everyday.
I also want to have a Manhattan apartment overlooking the Hudson.
I want to take naps in Central Park.
I want to travel the world and tell the stories of those that I meet.

I want to be a strong shoulder and a listening ear.
I want to be the best friend, the lover, the fighter and the winner.
I want to serve God with all of my heart.
I want to learn to dance.

I want to be safe.

I want to be wealthy enough to give it all away.
I want to share my life with others and cherish every moment.
I want to build things with my bare hands and still have the gentle touch of a woman.

I want to encourage others to be brave and see them succeed!
I want to love without limits…
leap without fear…
and bend without being broken.

I want to plant a garden and actually see it produce something.
I want to seek counsel from the wise and meet as many famous people as possible.

I want to leave a legacy of hope.
I want to let my friends and family know how much they are treasured by me.

I want to be known as a giver.
I want to be a friend to the friendless…
a home to the homeless…
and a mother to the motherless.

I want to see life as God intended it to be lived.

I want to help my parents more than they have helped me.
I want to read more books and write some of my own.

I want to sacrifice a little more.

I want to be energetic and spontaneous.
I want to be faithful and dependable.
I want to be a role model.
I want to be safe, careful, wild and crazy – all at the same time.

I want to plan trips and weddings and parties and adventures.
I want to dream about places and then go visit them.
I want to be an explorer and a modern day princess.
I want to be an actress and a super model and a singer and a dancer.

I want to be a ships captain…
a planes pilot…
a trains conductor…
and a business owner.

I want to be a visionary and an entrepreneur.
I want to be a legend and yet lead a simple life.
I want to be a caregiver and a life-liver.

I want to do everything that people said I never could…
And everything God says I can…


It’s never too late to do all the things that God has placed in your heart to do!
His future for you is bright and it’s ready for the taking!
Don’t get stuck in just another place of doing-for-the-sake-of-doing…
Build, learn, create, watch, listen, grow and be…
Be everything God says you can be!!!


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