I See Vision…

I’m a daydreamer…
I have been for most of my life.

I would imagine what it would be like to visit certain places,
see certain things,
encounter certain people…

It used to be common for me to daydream about me…
The things I wanted for myself.

Today, I catch myself daydreaming about what I could do for someone else…
What their future could be like if only someone would step in and help.

I see life.
I see change.
I see vision.

I see a life that is impacted by a few working hands and giving hearts.
I see a life that is molded into someone who now has hope.
I see a life begin to shift from discouraged to encouraged.

I see change coming to families in need.
I see change happening in a city that once only saw destruction and pain.
I see change beginning in the hearts of those who were once hard and cold.

I see vision.
I see eyes, ears, hearts, lives and communities being opened to a new vision.

A vision where we help one another…
A vision of hope…
A vision of peace…
A vision of love and security…

If you held the power to change a life, what would you do?

Would you throw caution to the wind and do all you could to help those in need?
Would you give your heart a turn on the dance floor and let loose?
Would you be the encourager?
The motivator?
The caregiver?

Would you just wait for someone else to come along?

Our challenge is simple…
1. Find someone who needs help.
2. Help them.

It’s easy to look at the world and see too much pain and not know where to start…
It’s easy to get overwhelmed and afraid…
It’s easy to loose the vision.

We all have the power to change a life…
Will you use it?




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