The Junk Drawer…

I’d like to believe that everyone has a junk drawer…
A place in their home that collects the things that seemingly don’t fit anywhere else.
A collective of items from life that find residence in this space.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my short little life…
Most of which, looking back on, I would probably consider useless.

There was…
The car wash
The dry cleaners
The grocery store
The house cleaning

The list is actually very long…
Too many to count…
Jobs I had simply discarded as junk.

I think we do this with so many parts of our lives.
So many traits, gifts, talents and characteristics…
We put them safely away in a drawer labeled junk
Thinking that we won’t need them but they are there if ever we do.

We go about our normal daily lives until we run into a situation…
We think, “I have a tool for that”…

We find ourselves rummaging through our junk drawer to find what we need.
Until we stumble upon the one thing that changes it all.

Because, digging through our junk drawer is like digging through a box of memories.
It reminds us of things we considered to be useless…
Of our abilities…
Of what we once had done…
Of what we are capable of doing again.

Occasionally we go through seasons in life of uncertainty.
We aren’t sure what the next step will be…
What does it look like,
Where will we go…
What will we do?

But, someone reminded me last night…
God has given you all the pieces that you need.
He’s shaped them to fit perfectly together…
We just can’t see the whole picture yet.

So, in the mean time…
We rummage once again through our junk drawer.
We find that some of the things in there make sense again.

Some of those talents should be used right now.
That, things that were once forgotten will start resurfacing.

And maybe, just maybe….
What we thought once to be junk is now a resource in our hands.






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