Good Things Happen On Days When it Rains

Growing up in the church you hear a lot of phrases…
You know the ones.
The cliche, routine, obligatory responses to the casual greetings…

But, you hear things enough and they stick with you.

Waking up to the sound of rain on my window this morning brought a smile to my face…
Because one phrase I will never forget came to mind,
“Good things happen on days when it rains”!

There was a lady who worked in the church office where I attended when I was younger.
She was a beautiful soul.
No matter what the day looked like she always had a smile on her face and she was a gem of a human.

She would encourage you.
She would laugh with you.
She would cry with you.
She would always make you feel better.

I was an intern at the church right after I graduated high school.
One morning I came in with a bad attitude and a grudge against the world.
It just so happened that on this particular morning, it was raining.

As I walked in, forced to pass her desk to get to the conference room, she looked at me and could tell that I had been disappointed by life that day.  She caught my eye and said that phrase to me for the very first time…

“Good things happen on days when it rains”.

I sort of half smiled and quite possibly cursed at her in my head.  I wasn’t very mature at 18 and even though I thought I knew what she meant it would be years later before I truly understood this phrase and just how grateful I was that she had been there!

It wasn’t until the day of her funeral when I heard the full story of why she said what she said to me that day…

As our pastor stood before a packed sanctuary, talking about the woman that always worked harder than anyone else to brighten our days, he replayed a story that he had been told by her daughter.

“Perhaps you’ve heard my mom use the phrase, ‘good things happen on days when it rains’.  If you’ve heard this, you certainly aren’t alone.  But this wasn’t just a phrase with no meaning.  She truly stood behind it and with good reason.  The day she met my father, it was a stormy spring day and they knew they’d be in love forever.  Their wedding day was peppered with rain showers off and on all day!  The day she found out she was pregnant and the day that I was born, it rained.  On the days that all my siblings were born, it rained those days too.  I walked into her hospital room a few days ago and she was staring out the window.  It had started to rain on my drive over and we all knew her time with us was drawing to an end.  She turned her head towards me as I walked in and softly whispered her signature phrase, ‘good things happen on days when it rains’.  A few hours later she went on to be with Jesus.  Then today… as we are laying her to rest and saying goodbye for now, we can hear the rain pouring on the roof of our church and we know that good things are going to happen today!”

There isn’t a rainy day that passes that this phrase doesn’t run through my head and I don’t think, it’s gonna be a good day!

There’s always something to smile about…
There’s always something to be grateful for…
There’s always someone that you can help make the day brighter for…

So, no… I don’t like the surface, mediocre phrases that people throw at you when you pass.  But, we never know when something we hold dear to our hearts will change another.

Tell someone you’re thinking about them today.
Make them feel important.
Encourage them in whatever stage of their journey that they are in.
Remind them that they can do it!

Because, after all… Good things happen on days when it rains.


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  1. Such a beautiful story.


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