When The Earth Shakes

I was shaken awake this morning by an earthquake.
It was huge… measuring at a 5.8

At first I was confused…
Something seemed wrong,
but in my early morning grogginess I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening.

It lasted long enough for me to put the pieces together before questioning whether or not I should get out of bed and stand in a doorway or something.

My pictures shook, my windows rattled and at first I thought someone was trying to break in my front door.

I live in an old house.
It was built in 1950.
She’s cute and homey but probably not earthquake proof.

So, after the earth calmed itself,
I took a walk around to assess.

Aside from a few neighborhood dogs about to lose their minds…
All seemed fairly normal on the surface.

But, it made me think…

How often does our earth shake?
How often are we awakened from our day-to-day by something that frightens us?

There are times when we don’t feel steady.
We lose our footing,
We struggle to understand what is happening,
We see things begin to crumble or shift in our lives.

Maybe things break…
Cracks appear…
Even severe damage is done.

Yet sometimes…
The thing that is shaking us,
isn’t felt by anyone around us.

We feel alone;

No one will understand… we say
No one knows what it feels like… we say
No one cares… we say

But, that’s just what the enemy wants us to think.

He wants us to be alone, angry, hurt, confused…
He wants us to stay in the dark, lying in our bed, wondering in fear when it’s all going to crash around us.

But, we don’t have to be alone.
We don’t have to live in fear.
And we certainly don’t have to hide.

If we shared just a portion of what shook us…
We would discover that so many feel the same as we do.

Our hearts were created to love and be loved.
So, the challenge is easy…

Talk, share, encourage…
There’s too many hurts in the world and when we have the opportunity to help someone feel less likely to fall apart, why wouldn’t we take it?

There’s no reason to suffer in silence…
There’s no reason to be alone.


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