Tonight We Choose…

Tonight I feel too tired to sleep.

There have been too many late nights…
Too many bad dreams…
A brain that won’t shut off…

Tonight I just want to lay down…
Close my eyes,
and imagine a world where there is no pain.
Where people don’t have to leave this world too soon.

I want to dream of a day when we don’t take for granted the time that we have here…

Tonight I want to be grateful.
Grateful for the family I was given and the one that I have chosen.
Grateful for the friends that I can laugh with, love on and cry to.
Grateful for who I have become because of them.

Tonight I want to sing a little louder,
Dance a little crazier,
Laugh a little harder.

Tonight I got some bad news…
Tonight things aren’t looking good.
Tonight there’s a choice to make.

Tonight can be a night of morning…
or a night of dancing.

Tonight can be a night of weeping…
or a night of joy.

Tonight we can stare death in the face
and choose to only see the light of life.

Tonight we choose.

We choose the happy over the sad.
The good over the bad.
The joy over the tears…



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