When Fall Meets Winter

Every year there is a moment…
one single moment where
Fall meets Winter.

The moment that the cool fall breeze
turns to a chilling north wind.

The moment the final autumn leaf falls
and the ground is greeted by the first winter snow.

It’s a single
moment in time.

The moment that Fall meets Winter.

The moment Fall and Winter…
old friends, that see one another only once a year…
Spend a few days together
and then Fall bows out gracefully and makes way for the change.

It’s a beautiful exchange.
A perfect picture of love and grace…

How it moves slowly and quickly at the same time.
How one minute it feels far off
and the next you are swept up by it.

How it makes your heart ache and sing…
laugh and cry…
leap and kneel…

A perfect picture of all He asks of us…

A letting-go of who we are,
and all that we know
to be covered in a blanket of pure white snow.

to be healed
to be mended
to be forced to grow anew.

That one.  single.  moment.

where Fall meets Winter
where we meet the end of ourselves
and where the end meets the beginning.


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  1. Very well said. Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blogs, it’s something wonderful to look forward to!


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