Defined as an expectation or a feeling of trust.


It’s a word used loosely.
A word passed around like a canteen at a camp site;
inside, containing something life-giving.
Something sustaining.

I didn’t understand the power it held.
I didn’t recognize its potential.
The bond it would bring…
the trust it cultivated.

But, here I sit.
knowing that once again the things I pushed away
is the one thing that I needed the most.


Its very existence brings increase…
Increasing my ability to grow,
my ability to understand,
my ability to love.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick”…
when we stop hoping
we stop moving and our heart begins to ache.

We lose our sense of wonder
our childlike faith…
and our dreams begin to fade.

Our future is dependent upon our hope.
Our goals only met when we dream.

Let’s submit to our hopes.
Let’s trust that they are taking us farther than we could ever imagine.
Let’s bend and flow with the winds of change and
let’s be challenged to hold to the belief that when we hope…
crazy, wonderful, wild adventures happen!



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