I want to be strong.
To have the strength of a warrior.
To be confident in battle that my training will pay off.

I want to be brave.
To see my trouble and face it head on.
To never fear what lies beyond the bend.

I want to be powerful.
To move the immovable.
To conquer what no one else ever could.

But today I don’t feel those things…

Today, I feel weak.

I feel measured.
Silently compared to something greater.

Today I feel like the one being pursued with weapons drawn.
Today I feel like the conquered rather than the conqueror.
Today I feel broken.

But I’m reminded that broken isn’t bad.

Broken things can be mended.
Broken things can be put back together…
Broken can be healed.

What once was broken doesn’t always look like it originally did.
It’s edges a little rougher than before.
But, what once could not be used
was not completely lost.

Purpose being restored.

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  1. So beautifully written.


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