I Hate Math

I hate math.
I’m not good at it…
never have been.

I understand the basic concept of 2+2 but once you get into adding the alphabet into the equation it quickly turns my brain to mush and I simply can’t compute.

I took Algebra in high school – only because I needed it to graduate.  Not for fun or because I thought it would be some sort of sick twisted “challenge” to better myself.  No, it was very much a “mandated by the state of Arkansas” choice that was thrust upon me.  So, I did it.

Luckily, I had a teacher with a lot of patience for my weakness.

My brain has a tendency to wander – especially when the subject matter isn’t interesting to me.  So, needless to say, I missed a lot of stuff.  Even with a great teacher, I don’t think I ever fully understood how it all worked.  (And I think she simply took pity on me and gave me a passing grade without being deserving of such grace.)

I just never understood how a letter and a number would ever equate to the same thing?  It just didn’t make sense… I guess it still doesn’t.

But, for some reason there is one thing that stuck out to me, even to this day…

There is always a constant.

In an Algebraic equation the variable is ever changing.
Basically, it’s the thing you’re attempting to figure out…
You figure it out by using the constant.

…Or so I’m told.

There aren’t many constants in this life.
Especially in the culture that we live in now.

There is an epidemic of identity fatigue – forcing everyone to be exhausted from the need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay one step ahead of the next guy.

But, that’s the problem.  We are looking at the variables… not the constants.
We are comparing ourselves to other changing things.
When what we should be doing, is aligning ourselves with the one thing that remains constant.

Find your steady.
Find your true north.
Find your constant…

And in a world full of variable copy cats…
rest assured that there’s no need for you to fall prey to the cycle.

When you know your constant…
You’ll find the answer to your equation, every time!



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