Looking Down to Earth

Flying is a strange surreal experience…

Currently sitting on a plane thinking about how something that, with all things considered, shouldn’t be able to soar weightlessly above the clouds. 

We shouldn’t be able to load hundreds of people onto a giant machine to be lifted off the ground, pushed through the sky at 600 miles per hour, and then a couple of hours later safely placed back on earth several thousand miles from where you began. 


Looking down to the earth from this window seat, I realize how small things appear from so far away. 

Watching people move quickly from work, to home, to school, to whatever their days are filled with.  

Everyone is busy. 

Buildings, stadiums, swimming pools… all things we use, we need, we fill and refill. 

But, many of us have started moving so quickly through life we have lost sight of what it looks like to actually live. 

To take a break and be creative…
To dig into what really makes us who we are…
To do something that the laws of physics shouldn’t allow.
To soar weightless above the clouds…

The world looks different from up here. 

It holds a certain stillness that is hard to find with both feet on the ground.
It might help if we got still for a minute.
Rediscovering who we are when we stop moving.

Maybe that’s what we’ve lost sight of… 

Maybe we’ve lost our ability to dream.
Maybe we’ve lost our desire to hope.
Maybe we’ve lost our vision for more. 

But one thing you can see from way up here, is that even the smallest road still connects two places. 

It still leads somewhere…

We may not all build an airplane but I guarantee there’s something we can do.
We still have a road to build…
a way to travel…
and someone to connect to.

What creative ingenuity are we holding onto while we move so quickly in and out of our everyday routine?  

What could we accomplish if we let ourselves day-dream a bit?
If we slowed down long enough to explore what has made us who we are?
If we stopped for a minute…
looked down from our window seat…
and asked, “where does my road lead”?


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