Work Hard. Love Harder.

I’ve always attempted to live my life without regret.
Living each moment as full as I can possibly make it…

But, like any hopeful soul, there have been days that didn’t quite make it to the top of the “great day” list.

There have been days I wanted to retreat from the fight.
Days where I should have been a better friend, sister, daughter, employee…

Or when I should have spoken, but kept silent…
(And the best)
When I should have kept silent, but spoke anyway.

Either way, today is what we get…

“We can’t remodel the past – the future is only yours to anticipate – but NOW is your time – and my time – to shape it as we will.”

There’s something so amazing about getting a new beginning every morning.
A fresh start.
A do-over, a mulligan…

You can make this day into anything you want to…
So, let’s do it right.

Work Hard.
Love Harder.



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