We get to choose what kind of effect adversity has on us…

We either make a choice to go with the flow and relinquish control to the circumstances,
We fight against the opposition and allow the challenge to change us.

Let’s choose to fight.
Let’s choose to keep going.
Let’s choose to be conditioned.

Conditioning is defined as:
“Bringing something into the desired state of use”.

How do we want to be used?
What kind of impact do we want to make?
Where will we go from here?

The strength that comes with this conditioning allows us to:
build a stronger business,
keep a stronger support group,
and master the art of pressing on.

“We cannot train to overcome adverse conditions by shying around them – if we could, there wouldn’t be near as much room at the top of the ladder.”

The crowd thins out the higher you climb,
Not because the opportunity isn’t there…
But because it gets harder to keep a steady pace on this wild climb.

Keep the vision in front of you.
Work toward it with all that you have…
and when adversity comes…
use it as fuel for your fire!



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