I’ll Do It Tomorrow

“I’ll do it tomorrow”…
these words made famous by the most diligent of procrastinators.

It’s amazing that four words can control the outcome of so many things.

“Those infernal thought waves of procrastination are mental ‘bugs’ that have a brilliant headlight in the front and a long sharp ‘stinger’ behind.”

Initially the thought of putting something off seems like a good idea…
Illuminated by the idea that we can do it another time.
That we will get to it eventually.

But the truth is, once something is taken out of a position of priority it is very difficult to get it to return to that position.

We can continually wish we had the perfect beach body…
Or the writing skills of a master poet…

We can dream of one day becoming the best chef in the US…
Or have the ability to build a house from nothing…

However, we all know that wishful thinking alone will not get us to our goals.

We have to act.
We have to move.
We have to prioritize.

There are things we can do each day to work toward our dreams.

Work out.

But don’t wait until tomorrow.



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