Continued Effort

“You can’t hope to enjoy the harvest without first laboring in the field”.

I personally have never met a farmer who doesn’t know this to be true.
Never spoken with someone who believes the harvest will come without first doing a little planting and careful cultivation.

There are steps and processes.
There are days of drought.
There are times of great harvest…and times of famine.

But, we cannot refuse to work hard in our field with the fear that it may not produce…

There will always be a chance that the effort we put forth will not yield the desired results…

There’s always a chance we will fail…

There’s always the chance we won’t.

Stay consistent.
Show people you care.
Be diligent.
Do things with purpose.

“Continued effort generates life.”

When we labor toward a goal…
When we fight in the direction of our dreams…
We will always be successful.



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