For too long we have looked at resistance as a negative force.
We have fought with her as an enemy.

We’ve built lives around the hope that resistance would never come.
Fenced ourselves in as protection from her wrath.

We quake at the thought of resistance being in our lives.
Misunderstanding her purpose all along.

She isn’t here to destroy us.
She isn’t around to make us weak.

She is here to propel us forward.
To encourage our motivation.
To influence our determination.


Without her, why would we ever move?
Without her, would there ever be growth?

Once a seed is planted it has to fight against the earth to see daylight again.
But, when that seed emerges from the ground, it no longer looks like its previous state.

Resistance changed it.
Resistance helped it discover its purpose.

She gave it traction.
She forced it to become useful.

A seed holds great potential…
But without resistance, it will never function in those abilities.

We have to stop hiding from resistance.
We have to mingle in her presence.

Do not fear her.
She will not harm you.
She will only be your catalyst for change… if you let her.

resistance 3


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