Like It Or Not

“The world is either better or worse each day as a result of your work and influence.”

Like it or not…
Everyone is a leader.
Everyone has influence.
Everyone has someone that looks to them for answers, guidance, or help.

It’s our choice as to what kind of influence we have on people.
We can either leave them encouraged, or push them away.
We can bring them up, or tear them down.
We can force them to see how good they can be, or we can leave them where they are.

We have each been given a voice.
Many of us with an eager expectation that our commentary will be heard by many.

But, what are we saying?

Conversation is vital
It can breath life
It will breed creativity
It builds relationship

So, let’s do things with purpose.
Let’s have conversations that matter.
Let’s build relationships that last.

Let’s influence the world in such a way that future generations will say, “they did it right”.

make them better


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  1. This is so true! And so important for some people to read and understand. I definitely agree that we should strive for meaningful relationships and conversations 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this.



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