365 Days

Take a minute,
and think back one year.

365 days…

Where were you?
Who were you?
What did your dreams look like?

Maybe you were scared.
Intimidated by the big, overwhelming future.

Maybe you were excited.
Exhilarated by future possibilities.

Maybe you were dressed for battle.
Ready to conquer whatever enemies came your way.

Whatever the maybe was for you…
Reflection is good.

Looking back on what was changes our perspective of what is.

Progress is almost impossible to see during the process…

But, when we take a minute to see where we were…
and how far we have come…
then, even if we haven’t made it to where we want to be…
we will never be able to deny that we are not where we once were.

365 days happens in a heartbeat;
but progress happens slowly…

with steadfastness and consistency.
with determination and tenacity.
with vision and planning.

Then, you stop…
you take a minute,
and you think back one year.

And you admire the work of your hands.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ✨


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