I have these days…
you know the ones…

They sneak up on you like an elementary game of hide-and-seek.
You think you’ve found the perfect hiding place…
the one no one would ever think to look.

You hear the taunting:
“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

But you’re not moving…
You will never let them catch you!

blind sided.

Where did they come from…
How could this possibly have happened to you?
It was the perfect place to hide…

You’ve been exposed.
Escorted from your place of refuge like a Prisoner of War.
Your capture being flaunted for all the rest to see…

Like a warning for the other participants to take notice.
Your head hanging low.
There’s no escape.

Eventually the game ends,
the bell rings,
or your mom calls you home for dinner.

And, no matter how many times you play…
The outcome is still the same.

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose.

These days…
These, seized by the enemy kind of days…

They wear us down.
They are always a struggle.
They seem to pile up.

But, we always keep playing.
we always want to try again.
We always believe in the fairy-tale ending.

The damsel is rescued.
The knight wins the war.
The family is reunited.

We keep coming back.
We keep playing the game.
We keep looking for the perfect spot.

Because, no matter how much loss we experience…
there will always be more good than bad.
more winning than losing
and more fairy-tale endings that we would never want to miss.

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