The Walls We Build

We have built a wall…a fortress no one can enter.
a world no one can see.
a dream no one can touch.

We have surrounded our selves with safety…
protection from the outside world.
a harbor.
a refuge.

All in the name of security.
In the name of protection.

There are no windows in our walls.
No point of entrance.
It’s impenetrable.

You can’t touch us in here.
You can’t get to us.
You can’t hurt us…

Then one day.
Something happens…

We realize what the wall has done.

The thing that was to keep us safe…
Our source of protection…
Our weapon against all things evil…
has also prevented us from receiving anything good.

What would happen if we took a walk outside those walls for a minute…

If we let our guard down.
If we open up.
If we explore this new self.

Who is this person?
The one who has a nervous confidence…
a broader perspective…
a clearer vision.

When we feel safe we allow ourselves to dream.
We build new worlds
new realms
new possibilities.

We become, in our minds, who we have always wanted to be.

We grow.
We thrive.
We soar.

There’s an entire world out there…
waiting to get in to yours.

A world of color.
of adventure.
of love.

A world that needs what you have.
A world that can only be created by you.
A world you don’t have to live in alone.

It won’t always be easy…
It certainly won’t always have clear skies.

But if we will explore this world outside…
Keep our walls down long enough to discover something new…
Look at life through a lens of new possibility…

What would happen if we trusted in the idea that;
no matter the pain we feel now…
Something bigger…
more beautiful…
Will always come back around.

We build walls…
and call it safety.

We lock people out…
and call it security.

But we can walk around outside of that place…
and call it freedom.

Be part of the world around you.
Show others your freedom.
Everyone deserves to be free…
and everyone needs to be shown what freedom looks like.


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