Don’t Stop Short

I was created for something more.

My mind has always produced a rendering of the future…
a picture far more grand than the current state of my existence.

It involves,
in some instances,
more than I have now…
but also,

There’s an ebb and flow attached to the dream.
A release.
A gathering.

A resolution.
A new beginning.

But, in the midst of it all…
There is peace.

There is a place of contentment.

contentment is defined as:
“ease of mind”

A place of rest.

It’s like…
The landing on a staircase.

The climb is sometimes steep.
It can be daunting.
But, there comes this place.

You can see it ahead.
So, you know that when you get there that you can take a breather.

You can even have a short sit if you want.

The problem with this landing…
Is that sometimes in the midst of the rest…
Your contentment,
can very quickly turn to complacency.

Our rest turns into a full stop.
What was suppose to be a comma,
Becomes a period.

And, we quit.

We make excuses like;
“I’m not strong enough.”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“I’m comfortable here.”

But contentment should not mean sedentary.
It does not mean stationary.

It should mean,
That whatever it looks like around us…
That no matter what lies ahead…
Good or Bad…

We will take it and do the best we can.
We will make the most of every situation.
We will relish in our happiness.
We will know true joy.

Contentment doesn’t mean that things are perfect all the time.

Contentment means that we carry peace.
We control our response.
We dictate our behavior.

The possibilities for our future are endless.
Don’t stop short.

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