Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight.
These are the response options we are given.
You either stay, stand and fight…
or you flee… quickly.

It’s our natural human reaction to escape things that have, or could potentially, harm us.
We run.
We hide.
We make excuses not to go back.

“It’s too hard.”
“I’ll never make it out alive.”
“It’s for the best.”

you know, the “when life gives you lemons” argument.

So, we quickly resort to our flight mentality.
We cover ourselves in reasons to stay away…
“Self-preservation”, they call it.

But, who wants to be preserved in the state that they are in?

Why do we want to continuously run from things that are meant to shape, develop and cultivate us into who we are intended to become?

Fighting doesn’t always end quickly.
Battles are not often easily won.
But we were all born as warriors.

The greatest stories ever told are not ones about those who gave up.
They are not the tales of the runners who hid until the cease-fire.

The greatest stories ever told are of…
The ones who stood when they couldn’t stand any longer.
The ones who believed that fighting one more round was worth more than waiting it out.
The ones where the under-dog became the hero.

We all have the option: Fight or Flight

We can run, hide, and self-preserve
We can stay the same we have always been…

Or we can fight.
Fight to become better…
more faithful, more determined, and more eager to see things become better.

Which will it be?

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