When Things Seem Broken

God has a plan.
We hear this a lot…

We repeat it to ourselves…
We tell it to others…
We really do believe it.

God has a plan.

We trust Him.
We trust that the God of the Universe,
Creator of heaven and earth
has a plan.

What we don’t trust is his timing.
or the fact that maybe His plan doesn’t look like what we think it’s suppose to look like.

We hear his voice.
We see one facet of this grand scheme of His and before He can unleash it…
we are already off and running.

We know that we hear his voice.
We know that what He has said is true.

But, we do what we are best at…
We take over…
Humanizing the plan created by the one that knows us better than we know ourselves.

We twist and turn under His watchful gaze.
Hoping that eventually the next move we make will be the right one…
The one to set us perfectly into place.

The one missing piece.

But what happens when timelines run out?
When deadlines come and go and things still seem broken.
What do we do when it looks like God doesn’t know what He’s doing?

Maybe that’s the problem though…
Maybe what we see isn’t what we get…
Maybe there’s so much more.

Maybe when it seems like life is falling apart…
It’s actually just falling together.

So, I’ve made a change.

I’ve changed my perspective.

Because for once I realized something:
God’s not the one that doesn’t know what He’s doing…
I don’t know what He’s doing.

So, I began to pray this way instead:

I pray for His beautiful and perfect chaos to breakthrough my ordinary and mundane.

I pray that my exterior begins to shed to reveal truth no one ever knew existed.

I pray that if it’s needed that I break apart
that these shattered pieces crumble even more…
so that bit-by-bit, I am filled with more wide-eyed wonder.

But, as I grieve my losses…
as I surrender my will…
I will not lose heart.

I will hold tightly to the truth of who God is.
I will cling to my knowledge of His love.

I will pursue Him with all I have and
I will love others the way that He loves me.

I will give all I have to give…
knowing that His hand is always on me.

I will not give up.
i will not lose ground.
I will simply rest in Him…
because He is all the truth I need.

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