Two Truths and a Lie

There is a party game called Two Truths and a Lie.

Everyone in the group writes down three things about themselves.
Two of them are true…
One of them is a lie.
It’s the job of the group to decide which statements are true and which is the lie.

You search your brain for all the knowledge you have of that person.
You decipher their clues…
One-by-one determining where the false statement lies.
But, in the end, the truth is always revealed.

In the midst of this game…
It’s always in my mind how little I actually know about the people I’m surrounded by.
How easy it is to hide a tiny little lie among the truths we so boldly proclaim.

I think about how very little most people know about me.
How I hide behind the things that are easy, or similar to everyone else…
I realize how some of my truths are more scary to talk about than a lie I can make up.
So, I water everything down to make life a little more digestible.

I can’t share the real me.
I can’t write down the truths that would reveal my inmost parts.
I can’t…

Because when I do…
the deepest part of me,
the scariest part of who I am,
becomes reality to everyone else as well.

I tell myself that those around me…
those sitting in the same room with me…
those who call me their friend and say that they love me…
they won’t accept my whole truth.

And the irony of it all…
Is that the biggest lie, is the one we tell ourselves.

The lie that we aren’t…
good enough,
smart enough,
pure enough….

The lie that our past dictates our future.
The lie that our friends won’t see us for who we really are.
The lie that we can keep our distance and still be happy.

We reek havoc on ourselves.
Sabotaging our chances for intimacy,
for lasting friendships,
for a better future.

All because of a silly little lie.

Everyday we have the opportunity for more.
The chance to share.
The ability to open up.

So, get vulnerable.
Take off the masks.
Let your guard down.

Prove to yourself that the fear of the truth is way better than hiding behind a lie.

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