I Took A Drive

For months I felt the need to “go”.
Go somewhere, anywhere.
So, last week…
I took a drive.

I got in my car on Monday night and started driving.
4 states, 6 days, and nearly 2500 miles later…
I came home.

There wasn’t a big plan.
It wasn’t a protest to anything…
or a proclamation of something.

It was simply a drive.

A drive to discover.
Discover what, I wasn’t sure.
But I was determined to find out…
and I did.

My walkabout started out simple enough.
A new place.
Simple wonder.
Creative release.

But, It turned into something far deeper.
It turned into…
an awakening.

Somewhere along highway 35 I felt it.
I knew why I was there.
I understood what the pull to “go” had been all along.

My heart was created for adventure.
For a wild ride that is unexpected and radical.
But, my everyday life had become boring.

I began to realize, I longed for more.
More of God.
More tangible moments with Him.

Moments where I felt His love falling from the sky in the form of snow.
Moments where I understand His comfort…
and his ability to grieve with me…
when the rain falls heavy like weighty tears.

Moments where I can feel His joy for me burst out of His chest,
like mountains thrusting up out of the earth…

My relationship, with the creator of all things, had become…

But the only way to live a life fully in love…
is through experience.

I needed to weep each time I saw a snow covered mountain…
because I heard Him say, “I see you.”.

I needed to hike a desert trail leading to a remarkable rock formation…
because I knew His hands had crafted it.

I needed to sit in coffee shops in strange new cities….
because I never felt lonely, even while alone.

But, each time my day-to-day life feels mundane,
every time the routine becomes too much…
I don’t have to leave the state and sleep in my car.

I simply need to start looking for Him.
He’s here…
He’s there…
He’s in everything.

But, I had stopped looking.
I had stopped seeing His breath create the wind.
I had stopped watching the sunset in childlike wonder.
I had stopped realizing that each person in my life, if only there for a moment, was a gift.

When we loose the moments of experiential relationship
It stops being something worth having.

Let’s live our days to the fullest.
Let’s hope for the best,
and let’s experience God, not just believe in Him.

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